PODD - five days advanced course

Om kursen på svenska

Utbildningen är en fördjupningskurs i PODD avsedd för de som skall hantera och anpassa metoden för användare. Kursen planeras att ledas av certifierade kursledare och metodens skapare - Gayle Porter. För deltagande krävs genomgången två dagars introduktions-kurs i PODD. Kursen ges på engelska, liksom nedanstående kursinformation.

Course description

This course aims to build on current knowledge and fluency using PODD communication books for individuals who have begun to implement these strategies with people who need AAC. Focus will be on building fluency, refining observational assessment and implementation planning skills, and strategies for training communication partners. The course will also provide opportunities for problem solving more complex challenges. Content will include case studies from participants.

Volunteer a case study: This is your opportunity to influence the content of the training and present issues and questions related to implementing PODD. Meet with your team and identify a student that will provide participants with opportunities to observe current communication and plan further assessment intervention.

Intended for

This intensive advanced PODD course is for people who have completed at least a two day Official Introductory PODD workshop and are now seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills. (Note: Completion of an advanced PODD course is a prerequisite for people who are interested in applying for certification as a PODD presenter in the future.)


Completion of a two day Official Introductory PODD workshop.

Course content

After this seminar participants will have developed their ability to:

  • Explain the features of the range of PODD communication systems in terms of vocabulary organization, layout, design, access strategies, and customizations for individual requirements
  • Describe the differences and features for customizing PODD page sets for Speech Generating Devices
  • Develop fluency using PODD to model receptive language
  • Communicate using PODD communication books with a range of different access methodologies
  • Use a dynamic assessment process to identify individual communication requirements and teaching-learning strategies
  • Describe characteristics of children who have severe physical, communication and multiple needs (including CVI) and identify specific strategies to address these needs
  • Discuss the application of PODD for individuals on the severe end of the autism spectrum
  • Discuss the teaching and learning strategies for implementing PODD communication
  • Teach communication partners to provide receptive input using PODD communication books
  • Teach children and partners to use PODD communication books in daily environments
  • Identify strategies to combat the challenges faced by professionals creating an aided language learning environment for children with a wide range of complex communication needs.
  • Develop IPP goals and measurement tools for implementing PODD
  • Answer frequently asked questions about PODD Implementation


A price for this course will be announced later.


09.00 – 16.30


The course will be held in English.


Autumn 2018 Last day to apply
November 26-30 October 26

Course leader

Speech therapist Gayle Porter, Australia


Please use this link to apply for this course. You need to select the name and date of the course in the form.